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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Overview
FDA - ChromaGen has a Federal Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for individuals that experience reading discomfort.

PATENTED - ChromaGen has U.S. patents through 2027 and has patents pending in Canada, European Union, Korea and Japan.

GUARANTEE - ChromaGen comes with a 90-day unconditional money back guarantee on the neutral lenses for reading problems.

WORD MOVEMENT RELIEF - 90% of people who see words that appear to be moving on the page when reading will get a benefit from ChromaGen Lenses.

THEY WORK INSTANTLY- As the lenses work instantly, patients will know before leaving the doctor’s office if ChromaGen Lenses will give them a benefit.

SYMPTOM RELIEF - Users report a significant reduction in headaches, nausea, fatigue and eye strain.

READING & HANDWRITING - Users report an increase in reading speed and an improvement in handwriting.
How do the lenses work?
The ChromaGen lenses synchronize both eyes so they work together as a team, which causes the text to become clear and in focus, and effectively stops the words from moving. The lenses modify light's wavelength as it passes into each eye, which dynamically balances the speed of the information traveling along the neurological pathways to the brain.


What are word movement symptoms?
ChromaGen lenses will benefit patients that suffer from the following word movement symptoms. 90% of people who see words moving on the page will get a solution with ChromaGen.

  • Double words or double sentences.
  • Words that come in and out of focus.
  • Words that move left to right or up and down.
  • Words that scrunch together or pull apart.
  • Words that are blurry or wiggly.
  • Spaces in between the lines move.
What physlcal symptom relief should be expected?
Of our patients that suffer from vision issues that cause the symptoms outlined below, 90% will benefit from ChromaGen Lenses.

  • Headaches, Nausea and Fatigue while reading
  • Eyes get red, irritated, or watery when reading
  • Eyes feel uncomfortable when reading
  • Feel a "pulling" or "pressure" around the eyes when reading
  • While working on the computer, gets headaches, eyestrain or fatigue
Is ChromaGen covered by insurance and what are the financing options?
Some insurance companies will pay for partial reimbursement and it depends on each carrier. Most ChromaGen Providers offer a financing plan with Care Credit which is interest free.
Questions concerning eyeglasses
Clip ons – Customizable?
Yes, all clip ons are custom fit. The Lab will need the frames to ensure the correct fit.

Anti Scratch Coating
ChromaGen comes with a one year anti scratch warrantee.

What is the turn around time for glasses?
ChromaGen lenses are usually shipped within 10 business days after placing the order.
Questions concerning contact lenses
Are the ChromaGen contact lenses hard or soft?
They are soft silicone lenses.

What material is available for contact lenses?
Materials available are: Methafilcon 55% water and Hioxifilcon 49% water / both Sphere and Toric.

What is the standard Base Curve?
The standard Base Curve is 8.6, but can be customized for each patient.

What is the standard Diameter?
The standard Diameter is 14.5, but can be customized for each patient.

Why is the measurement of the Pupil Zone needed?
The pupil zone is needed because the ChromaGen tint is only added to this area of the contact lens.

How often should the ChromaGen contact lenses be replaced?
It is recommended that these lenses should be replaced every six months.

What is the date on the vial of the contact lenses for?
The short date on the vial is for the doctor to know that the lenses need to be dispensed to the patient within 30 days. This is NOT the expiration date.

What is the turn-around time for contact lenses?
ChromaGen contact lenses are usually shipped within 10-14 business days after placing the order.
What is the 90 Day Guarantee?
ChromaGen has a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee on the neutral lenses for reading problems. As a doctor conducts the ChromaGen exam, the patient receives an immediate result, and this result will not change over time. 
How long will a patient need their ChromaGen lenses?
The patient will have to wear their ChromaGen lenses all their life.  It is just like wearing a pair of glasses with a normal prescription.  If they wear their glasses, they will get the intended benefit, it they don’t wear their glasses, they will not.


Pricing ranges based on which ChromaGen Practitioner a patients sees but a standard frame along with the exam fee is approximately $1,000.