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Stephanie N, Chicago IL.

"My son has always struggled with reading. He would tell me that "the words are moving". We live in Chicago and my OD told me about a new lens technology that she was now prescribing called Chromagen. She thought the lenses would really make a difference in my son's ability to read. Once she had fitted the lenses, the results were immediate. I could tell the difference in my son's reading speed and accuracy right there in the office. He now wears the lenses in school and they have made a world of difference in the past month. His grades have improved and his confidence has soared."

Janet S, Dallas TX.

"We are both so excited about getting the ChromaGen lenses. She smiled all the way home and kept talking about how it was "the first time in her whole life she has looked at words and they did not move". From a child who hates to read, it is breath taking that she is looking forward to reading. I thank you so much for giving her the opportunity to change her life."

Melanie T, O.D., Amarillo, TX.

"Just tested my first two patients with the system, and I was amazed by the difference! One girl said, "Wow, now I can actually SEE the words" I'm convinced!"

Jennifer J, O.D., Chicago IL

"Just wanted to update you on another ChromaGen success story I had yesterday! I tested a 10 year old boy and before the test, he was very antsy, couldn't sit still, and didn't listen to mom well...even the receptionist at the front desk made a comment on how he was acting. After finding the filters he liked and putting them in the trial frame, you could see his whole attitude change instantly He got a huge smile on his face and did not want to take the glasses off! He asked if he could take them home with him because they make him feel so much better! His mom got teary eyed and was in amazement at how well he read with them on! To go a step further...he calmed down, his whole demeanor changed with the filters on. These are going to make a huge difference in his life! I can't wait to do more of these exams! It is just so rewarding to finally have a solution for these people that have been struggling for so long!"

Robin W, Optical Specialist, Augusta GA.

"I work at 1 Hour Optical in Augusta, GA and we are a ChromaGen provider. I wanted to share what we found after testing my daughter over the weekend. She is a unique case in the fact that she has no trouble at all reading words, but has tremendous difficulty with numbers. She reported that the numbers would be blurry, flipped around, scrunched up. Once I got the ChromaGen lenses on her they had a huge impact. I hit the start button for her to read the numbers the second time with the lens in, she was speechless for a minuteā€¦I asked her what was wrong and she said "Nothing. I just can't believe how clear these numbers are-they are not blurry or bunching together."

Susan A, Dallas TX

"Peyton has stated that it is like night and day. She even said one time when we were driving, Wow! So that is what sign reads. She has not complained of headaches anymore and reports that the words are not moving."

Sloane and Scott M, Houston TX

"This was very exciting to see the positive impact the glasses were making on day one. He usually dreads this part of the evening, procrastinates, gets sleepy and has a hard time getting his assignment done. Last night, I had to stop him so he could get some sleep. We are thrilled. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!"

Ashley A, Tampa FL.

"Growing up with Dyslexia, I learned many coping strategies. Now I am a 3rd grade teacher and use my experiences to help others. Since getting the Chromagen lenses I have noticed a calming effect when my eyes get tired. They take the glare away and just make reading easier. The most rewarding thing for me is to watch one of my students who have struggled like I have, use the Chromagen lenses. She would complain of her head hurting and the words not being clear. I let her borrow mine one day just to show her mother and her reading and math improved in front of her mother's eyes! She now has her own pair and to watch her become so confident in everything she does has been truly a blessing to watch. I am confident she will not have to struggle or learn coping strategies as I did growing up. Thank you Chromagen, I am defiantly spreading the word!"

Michelle P, Math Teacher, Houston TX.

"All my life, I have struggled academically. I just thought I was stupid. I worked extremely hard and trained myself to check everything I did at least three times, before I submitted anything. My-son-in-law told me that the ChromaGen filters might help me. These glasses really helped me see the numbers! My math skills have greatly improved. I'll never be a mathematician, but holy crow, I can see the numbers!"